Deleted pictures from your camera? here’s help!

"I have just returned from a fabulous holiday in the Greek islands, and I cannot wait to share the loads of photographs that I have clicked throughout the trip with my friends. While I'm unpacking, my 5-year old is bored and is looking for something to occupy herself. She mistakes my camera for a toy, and whoosh – before I know it, all my photographs have been deleted!"

This has happened to most of us, and we spend a considerable time brooding over the lost pictures. Well, turns out that something more can be done about it, if not in all, at least most of the times.

Memory Stick, Secure Digital Memory Card, Compact Flash Card, Multimedia Cards are a few of the varieties of the memory cards that are used in the digital cameras. The way pictures are stored in these cards is quite similar to the way information is stored in the hard drive of a laptop or a home PC. Quite similarly, when a picture is deleted from the memory card, like information on the hard disk, it is not physically deleted, but the access to it is removed. So, if you want to retrieve you lost pictures, you just need to find a way to their physical location, and here I'll tell you how to do it.

In order to recover deleted pictures from a camera, it would need to be connected to a computer using a USB cord. If the computer does not recognize the camera, an external USB card can also be used for the purpose. In either of the cases, the camera should appear as a drive letter if the ‘My Computer’ icon is clicked twice.

Using an Internet connection, some picture recovery software would need to be downloaded and installed. Some of the software programs that are available online are can really damage your photos and destroy a chance to recover the deleted pictures in the future!

You MUST beware and download only fully authorized Photo Recovery Software!

Once the software has been installed, execute it to ‘recover’ the deleted pictures. Make sure that you keep to the instructions being displayed. Once the welcome window for the software has been clicked, the drive letter of the camera or the USB card will need to be provided. An option is also available to specify the file types that need to be repaired, like repair JPEG file, and the destination folder where the retrieved pictures should be stored.

Once all this is done, sit back and relax, and the computer will do the job for you. It will scan the card, in a time depending on the number of pictures that need to be scanned through. When the scan is complete, the computer will display the thumbnails of the recovered pictures as preview, and will let you select the ones that you need. The selected pictures are then stored at the destination location specified earlier.

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Hopefully, you now have your deleted pictures back with you, and quite so easily. So, enjoy your holidays completely the next time, and never worry about losing your pictures. Remember, if you have deleted your pictures accidentally, you have this article to your rescue!

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