The Process

How does recovery software works?

The big secret that Data Recovery experts won’t tell you…

A computer (or cellphone device for that matter) never really deletes your files when you press delete button or format the SD card. What actually happens is that – The place that was used to store your images is being marked as writable, so the next time you’ll want to save a file (any file) it can be overwritten on this space.

Time Is Crucial!

As time passes, your device saves other files (new photos, email attachments, etc.) and that can lead to data overwrite that can cause loss of your photos forever.

The Sooner You Scan Your Device The Better Are The Chances.

Immediately start to scan your device and be sure all your deleted/corrupted/missing photos will be located and recovered.

Feel Safe With Stellar Photo Recovery Easy-To-Understand Features

Feel Secure With Trusted Scan and Recovery

A thorough scan will go over every piece of data in your cellphone device and will find every deleted or corrupted photo file ever existed on your phone.

Optimize Your Chances For Recovery

Being a software dedicated only for image files recovery and restore, Stellar Photo Recovery is superior to other data recovery software and thus, your best shot in getting your photos back.

Take an Action!

Be Part Of The Recovery Process

Unlike other data recovery softwares, with Stellar Photo Recovery you can take an active part in the scanning process. you will see exactly what images had been found and you will choose which of them you want to restore (God knows some photos better left deleted ;)

Don’t Worry About Losing a File Ever Again

From now on, every time you’ll have even the slightest suspicion you lost a file just activate Stellar Photo Recovery scan again and you’ll get all your files back in minutes.